First SAFES Summit:

Endocrine Society of India hosted the grand event of 1st Summit of SAFES summit on 17th and 18th August 2013. This land mark event was herald for the beginning of an era of collaboration among South Asian countries in the field of endocrinology. Apart from creating an organization of endocrinologist, the federation provided long life trans-border friendships.

First SAFES symposium attracted over 440 faculty, delegates and students from five countries: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, including over 60 foreign attendees, shared information at the conference.

The atmosphere was marked by joyful camaraderie, celebrating South Asian unity and friendship.

This was followed by the drafting of a Position Statement on "South Asian Women with diabetes: Psycho social challenges and management "keeping the gender differences in well- being among women with diabetes in mind.

Second SAFES Summit:

Second SAFES continued to blossom in Beautiful City of Dhaka, Bangladesh in 24-26 April 2015. Again the strength and bright future of the organization was reflected my overwhelming response from local doctors along with a full contingent from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The Summit attracted speakers from across globe and breakout session created more experience sharing.

The scientific committee had put up an extensive and cutting edge endocrine program which includes not only the customary orations, lecture, free papers, symposia, interactive workshops, debates and a stimulating quiz.

This Mega Event was followed by "Dhaka Declaration' which emphasized the time for action / consensus building on Gestational Diabetes among SAFES countries. The land mark paper was then published in Indian Journal of Endocrinology.

Third SAFES Summit:

Baton was handed over to Pakistan to host third Summit of the SAFES in 2017. Although a huge task to match prior two mammoth events, Pakistan took this opportunity to make its mark in the region and look forward to organize a successful event in very near future.